Business-focused strategist and leader with over 15 years experience working in and consulting for Fortune 500 companies. Recognized for ability to develop c-level relationships, consistently deliver critical, highly sensitive programs on time and budget; design strategic and scalable solutions; effectively lead and grow diverse teams. Proven ability to excel in all stages of the business lifecycle from operations oversight to business development to project execution.

Not so Formal

I love social media. I love how it’s empowered consumers and taken control away from brands and agencies. I started exploring social’s transformational powers at Raytheon. I led the development of the collaboration strategy, architecture and platform development. We were trying to connect as many of our 75,000 employees (at the time) to share answers to common questions and solutions to common problems.

After almost five years at Raytheon, most involving knowledge management and collaboration, I wanted to continue working in the social space but at a bigger scale. Dachis Group was my next stop. I was the 15th employee.  I helped establish, grow and mature our start-up into a multi-million dollar strategy consulting practice. I was given the opportunity to work with the world’s largest and most influential b2b and b2c brands and companies to develop lasting and distinguished capabilities in the areas of knowledge management, integrated digital marketing, social media marketing and social business. During my time at Dachis Group, I was also lucky enough to work with some of the most influential and innovative minds in the social space: Peter Kim, Dion Hinchcliffe, Kate Niederhoffer, Jevon MacDonald, Susan Scrupski, Jeff Dachis, Dave Gray, Lee Bryant, Jen van der Meer, Peter Fasano, Greg Verdino, Cynthia Pflaum, Clint! Runge, Lars Plougmann.

Recent Projects

Over the past three years I have been taking on increased involvement and responsibility in getting myemployer to embrace web2.0 & enterprise2.0:

Dachis Group


  • Developed first-of-its-kind (w/in the company, that is) corporate-wide wiki & successful online community; community continues to grow and flourish today.
  • Delivered multiple presentations to internal audiences on the topic of collaborative technologies in the workplace.
  • Served as product manager (and part-time architect) for innovative internal search engine that combines collaboration and search.
  • SME for collaborative and Enterprise2.0 technologies to be implemented internally
  • Frequently asked to consult in requirements and development phase of collaborative initiatives.
  • Evangalist and Champion


I hold a degree in Business Economics from Providence College.  I also have an MBA and a Masters of Science in Information Systems from Boston University.


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