SXSW: digital versions of my analog notes

March 14, 2009 — Leave a comment

After trying different ways of taking notes during the panels here, I’ve found that pen and notebook work best for me.  Putting them in digital real-time isn’t my cup of tea, unless you count taking pictures of your notebook.

Day 1

Panel:  My Boss Doesn’t Get It: Championing Social Media to the Man

Didn’t get to see this panel b/c the registration line was so long.  Here’s a source for various recaps.

Panel:  Ooh, That’s Clever.  (Unnatural Experiments in Web Design) – Paul Annett
  • Loved this panel – really inspired thought
  • People love to stumble on hidden things (easter eggs) / discover the secret to a magic trick.  Incorporate these elements into your site design.
  • Kano Model of Satisfaction – you need to take into consideration different levels of needs & expectations when designing sites…or anything.
  • There are simple, creative ways to endear people to your site
  • When thinking about incorporating these types of elements into your site it is better to ask forgiveness later than ask permission up front.  Your customer might not approve your request, but if you show them the finished product they’ll appreciate it.
  • Here are the sites that Paul used in his presentation:
    Here is Paul’s presentation in full w/ audio:
Panel:  Try Making Yourself More Interesting

would people care if your ‘product/idea/service’ went away?  If the answer is ‘no,’ then you’re doing something wrong.

  • I was really looking forward to this panel, like for 32 years.
  • The underlying message in this panel:  there are no shortcuts, so do what you love and what you’re passionate about.
  • The panel had some very strong players, such as the founders of PhotoJoJo & Get Satisfaction, however the content didn’t live up to what you would expect.
  • From a business standpoint, they didn’t have much to offer.  In fact, I heard the founder of Get Satisfaction say that they deliberately don’t measure anything.  It’s cute and counter but misguided.  In the long-run it will be a mistake.
  • The panel got good when Kristina Halvorson of Braintraffic jumped in and pointed out that ‘measuring nothing’ won’t fly with her customers.  Same here.  That’s the reality 99% of us have to deal with; our customers want metrics.  They won’t be our customers for long if we don’t provide numbers.
  • Halvorson continued to add value:
    • People have great ideas.  They get them out & they’re great.  Time goes buy.  The ideas sit and grow stagnant.  More time.  The ideas now suck.
    • We need to govern our ideas: care and feed for our epic shit.
    • Process = Plan.  Create.  Publish.  Govern
    • As our awesomeness grows we hit a tipping point and we realize that we’re out there.  We need to have courage, stick to our principles and stay focused.


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