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December 12, 2008 — Leave a comment

As the end of the year approaches some of our major efforts are slowing down.  Lots of vacation hours have accumulated; Employees are forced to take the days off now or lose them from next year’s allotment.  It’s quiet in the halls at work; no one’s there.  In spite of that, our corporate social collaboration effort was officially launched two days ago.  I’m not sure if the timing was so hot, however.  On one hand, numerous employees won’t be able to take part b/c they’re on vacation.  On the other hand, the employees left in the office will generally have an abundance of time on their hands to create content.  Only time will tell of that decision’s success.

For today, I want to do some brainstorming so please excuse the random nature of the comments below.  I haven’t had a great deal of time lately to deep dive one topic, but there have been random spurts:

  • Hypothesis: Twitter in the corporate space (Yammer, I guess) is the only tool necessary for reuse, knowledge management & social collaboration. 
  • When it comes to social media, people seem to be forgetting fundamentals – ROI, PR, culture, change management.  Why is that?  
  • In the past week there has been a lot written & commented on (go get ’em, Peter) the topic of Social Media & ROI.  Two groups seem to have emerged: ‘Traditionalists’ who believe ROI can be measured with cold hard numbers and ‘Non-Traditionalists’ (someone please come up with a better name than that) who believe ROI is an elusive, subjective measure.  This just in.  That will get you back to basics (bullet two).  
  • Social Media doesn’t change the rules of the game, but it can make you a better player.  
  • A tool is a tool.  It’s what you do with it that matters (which is why I believe the first bullet to be true)
  • There are some great benefits to working at a large company – working with PhD’s to publish an article on social media ROI is one of them.
  • Thinking everyone is as technically or social media-y savvy as you is an easy trap to fall into.  
  • I love social media but, nothing beats meeting face to face.  Nothing.  
  • Giants – 27, Cowboys – 24.

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