More on Social Media Managers

November 24, 2008 — Leave a comment

I’ve been thinking more about the role of social media managers.  I’m planning on putting together a presentation to give internally that would basically act as a skeleton job description.    Here are some random thoughts (hopefully, I can organize them later)


  • Each function in a company could have someone listening, replying, connecting; this will break up the work and allow for specializaiton.
  • Listening is harder than it sounds
  • SMM needs to know the company landscape 
  • Internally, SMM will need to understand technology, but not like an externally facing SMM.  Internal tools evolve/change less quickly/frequently.
  • SMM needs to know what to communicate as well as what not to communicate
  • SMM needs to know security / legal / exmport/import rules
  • SMM needs to have at least a bachelors, (maybe a masters??); SMM will be working with high level execs and will be expected to understand the business.  Gets back to listening
  • SMM will need to travel; attendance at key steering team or leadership team meetings will be essential; as well as at symposiums, vendor conferences, summits, etc…
  • SMM will act as an embedded journalist
  • SMM will need to be an outgoing; they’re the virtual water cooler
  • SMM will need to support reuse, collaboration, knowledge management
  • Maybe the role needs to be rotational so the SMM doesn’t get out of touch with what’s going on in the organization
  • I keep thinking that a profile page + twitter is all this position requires from a tool standpoint.  In fact, I think it’s all companies need to be significantly effective at Enterprise2.0.  
  • I need to do some benchmarking among our competitors; that always draws attention.
  • This sounds like it has the makings of a great position.  
  • Probably a transitory position to start the community.  Once the communication begins to flow, SMM becomes more strategic in terms of what to amplify.  Probably moves from a knowledge mgmt/reuse role to more of a journalist role.  

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